Q2 2016

Automatic and custom file conversion

We have completely revised how files are handled adding support for the creation of not just previews of images, but also videos, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides and more.

Files such as videos, document and audio files can all be converted between formats, meaning that no mater what format file you upload, Partners will automatically allow all files to be viewable online without the need to download them.

This powerful new feature has also been made available to you, so that you may, for example, convert an image into a different format and smaller dimensions of your own choosing. This is called Custom Conversion.

If you request a Custom Conversion, it can take some time to process depending on the original file and what you are trying to achieve. To allow you to continue working elsewhere in Partners, we have added a ‘Background Jobs’ feature. Certain long-running tasks (such as Custom Conversion) will be added to the list of items in your Background Jobs. These tasks will continue running in the background, even if you navigate to a different section of Partners. You will receive a notification as usual (such as an email alert or on screen notification) when the task is complete. After the conversion is complete, you can download the finished file.

Redesigned asset information page

The asset information page has been redesigned to use tabs, increase the prominence of key actions, and improve ease of navigation around the page in general. This will make it easier to download, link to, follow and like assets.

Integrating conversations and commenting

As part of the redesigned asset information page, we have made Conversations features more closely integrated with public comments, making both private and public discussions about assets easier to follow. In the ‘My Conversations‘ section, there are two tabs that allow you to switch between private conversations and public comments on assets to which you are subscribed.

Assets can now also be ‘attached’ to private conversations, so that you can easily refer to the assets that you are discussing. If you start a conversation from the redesigned asset information page, under ‘Comments & Conversations’, the asset will automatically be attached to the conversation.

Under the same ‘Comments & Conversations’ tab on the asset information page, you can also read and contribute to public comments. If you wish to follow the comments for a particular asset in ‘My Conversations’ then you can manually subscribe to that asset. If you make a public comment, you will automatically be subscribed, but you can then choose to unsubscribe.

Short URLs & QR codes

We have introduced shortened URLs for direct links to assets in Partners, making them more compatible with social media services, and more reliable when sent in emails.

These shortened links will be automatically available in the ‘Copy/Email Link‘ dialog accessed from the asset information page.

We have also added a QR code image of the link to an asset page. These QR codes can be scanned by a mobile device with a compatible reader app, which reduces the effort involved to access an individual asset on a mobile device.

Easy Access for Partners Mobile app

To reduce the time it takes to start working with the Partners Mobile app, we have added a new QR code-based Easy Access feature to it. This can eliminate the need to manually enter the URL for your Partners installation, as well as the username and password for an account.

As an administrator, you may configure Mobile App Easy Access Settings to automatically specify the URL for Partners, optionally automatically login, determine whether the user is allowed to logout once logged in, and specify whether all available collections should be automatically downloaded upon login. After deciding these settings, a QR code is generated which may be printed or emailed and then scanned when opening the app for the first time.

Partners API

Enterprise level Partners subscribers can now integrate internal and external systems with the Partners Digital Asset Management platform through our API.

Live events triggered in Partners can also be streamed to internet-accessible applications using Event Stream Endpoints.

Please contact your Freestyle Partners account manager to discuss your requirements.