Q1 2017

File Sharing

If you have permission to, you can now share individual files with anyone else without requiring them to login. Depending on the type of file, there are different ways to share:

  • Embed Code
    An HTML snippet that can be added to a website, allowing the file to be displayed within a web page.
  • Viewer Link
    A link to a page that displays the file, along with the name of the asset and any selected attributes such as description. If permissions allow, download links are also displayed. This is the best option for sharing on social media.
  • Download Link
    A link to download the original, unmodified file.

Images, video, audio and some document file types are supported for embed codes and viewer links.

Shared files are hosted using a Content Distribution Network, meaning that files will be hosted as close to your audience as possible, for maximum performance.

Increased Upload Size

You can now upload files exceeding 5GB in size, perfect to start hosting UHD/4K video on Partners ready to be shared out using the new file sharing feature!

Sorting of Conversion Presets

If you are an administrator, you can now customise the order that Conversion Presets appear in on the Asset Information page.

Reordered Edit Screen Buttons

The ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ buttons have been swapped over on the Asset Edit screen. ‘Save’ has also been renamed to ‘Save Draft’.