My Workspace

The My Assets section of Partners is an area where you can manage all the assets you are watching, working on or have worked on.

The My Workspace area gives you access to the assets you are watching, assets that need you to do something with (e.g. if you are part of a workflow), assets that you have created that are being reviewed, any draft assets you have created and all the assets you have ever created.


Watched Assets

The Watched Assets tab shows you:

  • Individually watched assets
  • Watched asset types

Individually Watched Assets

The assets on this page are all the assets you are  watching. This means that every time one of these assets is updated, you will receive a notification of the change in your News Feed section on your Partners home page.

If you have uploaded an asset you will automatically Watch this asset. So users with the Contributor role will automatically Watch more assets than normal users.

For more information on Watched Assets please see the Watched Assets section.

For more information on the key features on this page please see the Asset Library Page Features section.

Searching For Watched Assets

To locate individual assets within this section:

  • Type a keyword into the Keyword field
  • Click Update

Your search results will appear at the bottom of this page.

Watched Asset Types

This section shows you all the types of assets you are watching.

Assets Needing My Attention

If you are involved in a formal workflow process, you will need to check this section regularly to see if there are any assets waiting for your review. Until you have actioned your part of the process the asset will not go any further through the workflow process and therefore won’t be published.

Assets For Review

The assets in this section are waiting for you to review and perform an action, such as approve, reject or cast a vote.

Assets For Re-Submission

The assets in this section have been returned from workflow and need to be amended and re-submitted.

Please read the instructions from others involved in the workflow as to why the asset has been rejected at this stage, make the relevant amends and re-submit as appropriate.

Being Reviewed

The assets in this tab are assets which you have created or updated and are currently in progress through workflow awaiting publication.

Draft Assets

A Draft Asset is an asset which you are working on but not yet published to the live site. This allows you to work on assets over time rather than having to have all the information ready at the time at which you start to create the assets.

Assets can be held in this holding state until you are happy that the assets are ready to go live or be sent through the workflow process.

Create A Draft Asset

To create a draft asset, rather than publishing it directly to the live environment, create the asset in the usual way (see the Upload/Edit An Asset section).

When you have added as much information you need to click the Save A Draft option. This will save the asset but not publish it to the live environment. The asset will now appear in your Draft Assets section of My Workspace, ready for you to continue working on it at a later date.

My Live Assets

This section shows you all the assets you have ever published, making it easier for you to locate a specific asset if you need.