My Account

My Account is where all your user details are stored.

You can access your account within your My Partners panel. Clicking the My Partners icon on the left of the screen slides the panel out.

From here you can see your basic account details within the toolbar and also update your profile picture.


How Do I View / Update My Partners Account Details?

  • Click the My Partners icon
  • Click the My Account option

Your account details appear on two tabs: Personal and Account.

How Do I Update My Personal Details

Your personal details appear on the Personal tab.

To update your details:

  • Click in the relevant field and type your new details
  • Click Update Profile to save changes

Please note, for security purposes, you can only change the first half of your email address (your name). If the whole email needs changing please contact your system administrator.

Federated Authentication

If your version of Freestyle Partners uses single sign on, you may not be able to update your personal details. You will know this as the following message will appear at the top of the Personal tab in your My Partners Account:


Please note, you may be able to change your details on this page, even with the above federated authentication message. However, these changes will be overwritten the next time you login.

For more information on single sign on, please see the Single Sign On section.

My Profile Image / Avatar?

On the Personal details tab there is a section called Avatar.  Your avatar will appear throughout the site, e.g. as your My Partners icon, in conversation threads with other users etc.

To add or update your profile image.

  • In the Avatar section click the Choose File button
  • In the pop-up window, locate the profile image you would like to use
  • Select the file and click Open
  • Click Upload to upload the image into Partners
  • A ‘Profile avatar has been updated’ message will appear if the upload has been successful
  • Click Update Profile to save changes

If you have already uploaded an avatar previously, then this process will remove your old avatar and replace it with the new one.

To reset your avatar, i.e. remove the existing profile image:

  • Click the reset button
  • To add another image follow the process above

Federated Authentication

If your version of Freestyle Partners uses single sign on

My Account Details

  • Click the Account tab to view your Account details

Account Created

The account created field shows the date that your site registration request was approved.

Recent Login Activity

This shows the day and date of the last 10 times you have logged into Partners.

How Do I Change / Update My Password?

On the Account tab:

  • Click into the Password field and type the password you would like to use
  • Re-type the password in the second field to confirm the password
  • Click Update Profile

You will be able to use the new password when you next login.

Can’t See The Password Field?

If you are unable to see the password field then your site will be using single sign on which means you don’t need a username and password to access Partners.

If this is the case, you will see the following message at the top of the Account tab:


Please speak to your System Administrator if you have any questions about this.