My Conversations

my Conversation

My Conversations is where you will find all conversations from other Partners users and also where you can compose and send conversations /messages.

Accessing My Conversations

You can start a conversation at any point either from:

  • Latest Conversations section on the Home Page
  • The My Partners toolbar on the left of the screen

All conversations are displayed down the left hand side with the most recent conversation being at the top.

All un-read conversations are highlighted by a red bar.

To open a conversation, simply click on it, from here you can respond to the conversation, hide the conversation until someone replies, unsubscribe from the conversation – permanently removing yourself from the conversation  and mark the conversation as un-read.


My Conversations

The My Conversations button at the bottom of the Latest Conversations section takes you to your own personal Conversation section.

You can access your personal conversations from your My Partners toolbar.

Start A Conversation

To create a new conversation

  • Click the Start A Conversation button
  • Select either individual users or a Group of users
  • Add a Subject to the Subject field
  • Add your message in the message area
  • Click send

The recipient(s) of the message will be notified that you have sent them a message.

My Conversation Notifications


If you have been sent a Conversation by another user, you will see a red dot over the My Conversations icon in the Partners toolbar.

You will also see a number appear in your Browser’s tab. This number indicates the number of messages awaiting your attention.

Once you have responded to or simply read the message, the number will automatically change.

Responding To A Specific Conversation

To view the whole communication thread of a message and send a response:

  • Click on the message in the list
  • Type your response into the message field on the right of the page
  • Click Send

Your response will be visible to all users in the conversation thread.

Add More Users To A Conversation Thread

Sometimes you may wish to add more users to the conversation thread.

  • Click on the message in the list
  • Click on Add User next to the names of the users currently in the conversation thread
  • Search for the user using the Select Users To Add Tool
  • Click Add once they have all been selected
  • Type your message
  • Click Send

Your message will have been sent to all users in the updated circulation list.

Hide Until Update

Click this option to hide the message from your list of Conversations. It will re-appear in your list when someone else adds a message to the Conversation thread.


Click this option to remove yourself from a Conversation thread.

You will no longer be notified when this thread is updated.

Mark As Unread

Sometimes you may wish to come back to a Conversation at a more convenient time. It is possible to mark a message as Unread by clicking the Mark As Unread option.

This message will appear as red in your My Conversations list and the number of notifications in your browser’s tab will increase.