Working With Your Lightbox

Once you have created your Lightbox there are many things you can then do with it to make it more useful for  yourself and others you have shared it with.

Viewing Assets

Working with lightbox

There are two view settings within the Lightbox: UPDATE SCREEN SHOT

  • Thumbnail view
  • List view

To change the way in which the assets are displayed click the relevant view setting option.

Ordering/Sorting Assets within a Lightbox

It is possible to change the order in which assets appear in the Lightbox. You do this by using the Order By option.


You can order by:

  • Name
    • Display in alphabetical order based on asset name
  • Reference Number
    • Display in reference number order
  • Type
    • Display all assets of the same type together
  • Uploaded
    • Display in order of date the assets were uploaded
  • Last Updated
    • Display in order of the dates in which the assets were last updated
  • Downloads
    • Display in order of the number of times an asset has been downloaded
  • Likes
    • Display in order of the most popular/liked assets
  • Comments
    • Display in order of assets with the most number of comments
  • Date Added
    • Display in date order with the newest asset first
  • Ascending
    • In conjunction with the options above, display the assets in ascending order
  • Descending
    • In conjunction with the options above, display the assets in descending order

Downloading Assets from a Lightbox

To download assets from the Lightbox:

  • Select the asset(s) to be downloaded
  • Click the Download Selected button

The asset(s) will then be downloaded to your computer. If you have selected more than one asset, all the assets will be added to a zip file and downloaded.

For more information on downloading assets, please see the Downloading Assets section.

Comment on a Lightbox & Assets

You and others (with the correct permissions) can start to provide comments and feedback about the Lightbox and each of the assets within the Lightbox. For example, if the assets are intended for use in a brochure, users can leave a general comment about the Lightbox overall and their opinion on all the assets in the Lightbox. They can also select individual assets and leave comments specific to each asset.

Lightbox Commenting

When the Lightbox Comment icon is clicked a pop up appears showing all the comments made on this Lightbox. UPDATE SCREEN SHOT


To comment on a Lightbox:


  • Click on the Comments icon in the Lightbox
  • The Comments pop-up is launched. Here you will see all user comments relating to this Lightbox.
  • Type your comment into the free text field
  • Click Send.

If a user replies whilst you have the Comments window open, you will receive a notification advising you that new comments have been added/deleted. A message will appear asking you to refresh the page to view this.

Individual Asset Commenting

Comment on an individual asset in a Lightbox:

  • Click the Comment icon on the asset itself
  • In the pop-up window, type your comment in the free text field in the same way as above

Like an Asset

To “Like” an asset, click on the Like icon.

For more information on liking assets, please see the Likes section.

Remove an Asset

Depending on user permits, assets can be removed from the Lightbox.


To remove an asset from a Lightbox either:

  • Select the Remove From Lightbox option from the Settings icon, or;
  • Click the tick box on the asset(s) to be removed
    • Click the Remove Selected option at the bottom of the screen

Restore a Removed Asset

If any assets are removed from the Lightbox, they can be recovered.


To recover an asset that has been removed:

  • Click the Restore Removed Assets at the bottom of the screen
  • In the pop-up window, tick the box next to the asset(s) you wish to add back into the Lightbox
  • Click OK
  • Please note: If all assets have been removed from the lightbox this feature isn’t available.