Sharing a Lightbox

Once your Lightbox has been created you may wish to share it and start working with other users. This is very quick and easy to achieve and allows you to manage how much input another user can have into your Lightbox.

Users you have shared your Lightbox with will automatically be set to ‘watch’ the Lightbox. This means they will see notifications in their My Alerts section and in the News Feed on their Home Page. This will happen each time an action is carried out with the Lightbox.

Sharing a Lightbox

To share a Lightbox with another user:

  • Open your My Lightboxes section from the My Partners Toolbar – see the My Partners section for more details
  • From the drop down on the My Lightboxes page, select the Lightbox you wish to share



  • Click the Sharing icon
  • Start to add users to the Lightbox
  • To share with a Registered User:
    • On the Registered User tab search for users by typing in all / part of their name and/or email address in the search fields
    • Click Search
    • Check the tick box next to the name of the user you wish to share with
    • Select the permissions you would like this user to have within the Lightbox – see the Permissions section below for more details
    • Repeat this process until you have selected all users
  • To share with an Unregistered User:
    • Click the Unregistered Users tab
    • Enter the email address of the user you wish to share with in the Email address field
    • Confirm the email address in the Confirm email address field
    • Repeat this process until you have added all users to the list
  • To share with a pre-selected Group of users:
    • If you have Groups of users already set up within Partners click on the Groups tab
    • Select the Group you wish to share with
    • You can then unselect certain members of the group if necessary
  • Click OK

The users you have shared with will now receive an email notifying them that you have shared a Lightbox with them.

They simply need to click the link in the email to access the Lightbox directly.

Sharing Period

The Lightbox will be shared with these users for a period of 2 months, after which the Lightbox will automatically disappear from their Lightboxes section.

Sharing Permissions

Registered User Permissions

By sharing a Lightbox with a Registered User you can assign each individual permission to perform any combination of the following actions within your Lightbox:

  • View
    • Allows the individual to see the Lightbox
  • Add
    • Allows the individual to add further assets to the Lightbox
  • Comment
    • Allows the individual to comment on the Lightbox
  • Re-share
    • Allows the individual to share this Lightbox with other Registered and Non-Registered Users
  • Delete
    • Allows the individual to delete assets from the Lightbox (but not delete the Lightbox itself)

Please note, that for a user to be able to Comment and Delete an asset in a Lightbox they must have the View option selected.


Unregistered User Permissions

By sharing a Lightbox with an Unregistered User they will only have permission to View and Download assets in the Lightbox you are sharing with them.

Stop Sharing A Lightbox

To stop sharing the Lightbox you can either:

  • Click the cross next to an individual’s name in the Shared With section of the Lightbox
  • Delete the Lightbox


Identifying a Lightbox Shared With You

The dropdown of Lightboxes you have access to appears on your My Lightboxes section page.

This list contains a combination of Lightboxes you have created yourself and Lightboxes others have created and shared with you.

Lightboxes that have been created by another user and shared with you show the word (shared) at the end of the title. Clicking into these assets will show the name of the Lightbox Owner, i.e. the name of the person who created the Lightbox and the names of the other users the Lightbox has also been shared with.