My Lightboxes

My Lightbox is a collaborative workspace within Partners. It’s a quick and easy way to help you pull together collections of assets from across the site so that you can communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers and affiliates in a secure and efficient way.

There is no limit to the number of Lightboxes a user can create. Users can create as many Lightboxes as they wish, so they can work on multiple projects at the same time

As the creator of a Lightbox you get to:

  • Select the assets to appear in your Lightbox
  • Choose who to share your digital assets with, regardless of whether they are registered or non-registered users
  • Decide who can edit your Lightbox and who can’t


If a user shares a Lightbox with you, you will be sent an email notification containing a link that takes you directly to the Lightbox.

A notification will also appear in your News Feed on the Home Page.

Lightbox Features

The key features users will see in all Lightboxes (depending on their access rights) are:

My Lightbox

1. Lightbox Dropdown

This lists all of the Lightboxes you are able to access.

Each list item shows:

  • Lightbox name
  • Number of assets in the Lightbox
  • If the Lightbox has been shared with you by another user – the word (shared) appears in the title

2. Activity Icons

This panel shows the key actions you can perform with a Lightbox:

  • Edit Lightbox Details
    • Update the Lightbox name and description fields
  • Add a new, empty Lightbox
    • Create a new Lightbox
  • Delete this Lightbox
  • Sharing
    • Share this Lightbox with others
  • Comments
    • Comment on this Lightbox
  • Watch this Lightbox
  • Print contact sheet

3. Shared With

Shows the users who currently have access to the Lightbox.

4. Description

Shows the description of the Lightbox

5. Order By

Provides options on how you can change the order in which the assets in the Lightbox appear.

6. Items Per Page

Allows you to change the number of assets diplayed on a page.

7. Asset View Options

Shows the number of assets in the Lightbox and allows you to change the format of how the assets can be displayed in the Lightbox. The options are Thumbnail View and List View.

8. Assets

This area shows all the assets in the Lightbox.