Main Menu

The main menu is where you’ll find all content and the libraries containing the assets in Partners. Users will only see the libraries, pages and assets they are allowed to, which is dictated by their role.


Home Icon

Wherever you are within Partners you can navigate back to the home page by clicking on the home icon.


Menu Icon

To access the content and the asset libraries – Images, Documents, Videos etc. – click on the Menu icon to expand the menu. Simply click again to retract it.


Admin Icon

The Site Admin options, such as Bulk Upload, Bulk Edit, User Administration etc., are available by clicking on the Admin icon.  Each feature in this area is covered in detail in the Site Admin section of this Help Portal. 


Online Help

The Help Portal tells you everything you need to know about using Partners. You can access this online help feature wherever you are within Partners by clicking the Help icon.


Site Wide Search Tool

The Site Wide Search tool is available wherever you are in the site. Simply type in your search term into the Site Wide Search field and click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter on your keyboard to search. Please see the Site Wide Search section of the Help Portal for more information.


Logout Icon

To logout of Partners, click the red power button. This can also be found in your personal toolbar.