How To Use The News Feed

All News Feed updates appear on your Home Page so it’s easy to keep up to date with any new activity.

News Feed Updates


1. View Options

You can view your News Feed in two ways:

  • Detailed View
  • List View

Detailed view provides a visual view of your notifications, including user profile images and asset thumbnails.
List view provides a text only view of the same information.

2. Profile Image

This is the avatar of the person who performed an activity such as updating an asset you are watching, shared a file or Lightbox with you.

3. User’s Name

This is the name of the person who performed an activity on the site. Rolling over their name shows you their summary profile details. Clicking their name enables you to view their Summary Contact Page. This shows you a summary of all this user’s News Feed notifications.

From here you can then contact this user by using the Start a Conversation button.

4. Activity

Details of the activity this user has performed, e.g. ‘has added a new Image asset’ or ‘has updated the ‘xxx’ asset’.

5. Link to the asset

The asset name is a link. Clicking the link takes you directly to the asset within Partners.

6. Asset Thumbnail

This is the thumbnail image of the asset the user has updated / added etc. together with a summary of the asset’s details including its title and Partners reference number. Clicking the thumbnail image or summary details will take you directly to the asset within Partners.

Want To See More Notifications?

Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Load More option at the bottom.

The page will refresh and additional notifications will appear if more are available.

Activity Updates

Each notification shows the name of the user who has made a change / shared something.

To contact this user, simply click on their name.

This takes you to their Details page.


Activity Udpates

Personal Information

A summary of this user’s personal details appear at the top of this section, including their country, organisation and department details.

Contact this user by clicking the Conversation button. This allows you to send a conversation directly to this user via Partners.

Interaction With (user name) Information

The Interaction With (user name) section lists all the news feeds that will have appeared in your own News Feed section previously from this user.


The Conversations section lists of the conversations that you have had with this user. Clicking the My Conversations button takes you to your own personal My Conversations section.