Latest Conversations

Latest Conversations

Partners allows you to start a conversation directly with other users of the site through its My Conversations service. This helps make communication quicker and easier.

From the Home Page, the Latest Conversations section gives you quick access to the most recent messages you have received.

1. Conversations List

This section lists the latest conversations you were included in. Simply click on a conversation to add a response.

2. Profile Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the profile avatar of the last person to add a comment into the conversation. Roll over their profile image to see their summary details.

3. Conversation Summary Details

The name of the last person to comment in a conversation, the title of the Conversation topic and when they sent the message are all displayed here.

4. My Conversations Button

This option takes you to your personal My Conversations page.

From here you can view all Conversations you have been involved with and start a new Conversation if you like.

Full details on how to use the My Conversations tool can be found in the My Conversations section.

5. Start A Conversation

Clicking this options enables you to start a brand new conversation of your own.

6. Further Options

Hovering over this icon here you have two options:

  • ‘Mark conversation as read’
  • ‘Hide conversation until it is updated’ will hide the conversation from your Latest Conversation feed until a new response is received.

The My Conversations section of this site shows you how to create and manage your own personal Conversations.