Navigating around Partners

The home page is the starting point for all users. The following screen shot shows all the key features available on the home page.


The key features you will find on the home page are:

1.  Home Icon

Wherever you are within Partners you can navigate back to the home page by clicking on the home icon.

2. Menu Icon

Is the starting point to access all of the site contents and asset libraries – Images, Documents, Videos etc. Click on the Menu icon to expand the menu. Simply click again to retract it.

3. Admin Icon

The Site Admin options, such as Bulk Upload, Bulk Edit, User Administration etc., are available by clicking on the Admin icon.  Each feature in this area is covered in detail in the Site Admin section of this Help Portal.

4. Online Help

Opens the Help Portal and provides you with help and information relating to the page that you are on.

5. Site Wide Search

The Site Wide Search is available to you wherever you are in the site. Simply type in your search term into the Site Wide Search field and click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter on your keyboard to search for all assets stored within system.

Please see the Site Wide Search section of the Help Portal for more information.

6. Logout Icon

To logout of Partners, click the red power button. This can also be found in your My Partners personal toolbar.

7. My Partners

My Partners is your own personal toolbar that displays a range of key features that are relevant to you as a user.

8. Personalised Welcome Banner.

9. Quick Tour

If you are new to Partners, click the Quick Tour button for a brief overview of the key features. This will help you to understand the system and get you started.

10. Quick Links

Quick Links is the fast way to access key areas of the site.

11. News Feed

The News Feed keeps you up to date with what’s going on throughout the site. Key activity, such as changes to assets you are watching, notification of someone sharing a file or Lightbox with you are all listed here.

12. Latest Conversations

Partners allows you to start a conversation directly to other users of the site through its My Conversations service. This helps make communication quicker and easier.

13. Help Desk / System Administrator Contact Details

Help is only ever one click away. Depending on how your own Partners site is supported, this section provides the contact details of either your Help Desk or your System Administrator, who will be able to help you if you have any questions.

Can’t see all of the above options on your home page?

If you are not able to see all of the features outlined above, the reasons may be:

  • They are not enabled for your implementation of Partners
  • Your role / level of access may not allow you access to them
  • You are not logged into Partners

 Additional Options

Some implementations of Partners also have additional features which may not be shown above. These will be specific to your business. Your Help Desk or System Administrator will be able to provide further help and assistance on these features if you need them.