Search Filters

All asset libraries and the site wide search contain a Filters search tool. This tool contains all of the taxonomies / categories against which assets have been tagged with enabling you to search by taxonomy / category.

The Filters tool will help you refine your search results even further to ensure you only ever see the most relevant assets.

How Do I Use The Filters Tool?

The Filters tool always appears on the left of the screen within all asset libraries and the Site Wide Search.

The filter options available for selection are relevant to the assets returned in the search results. If the assets returned as part of a search don’t have any categories / taxonomies assigned to them then there will be no options for selection in the Filters tool.

To use the Filters tool:


  • Click on the + sign next to the relevant taxonomy / category to expand and view the options available
  • Select the relevant categories by checking the tick box next to each relevant option
  • When all options are selected, click the magnifying glass either at the top or the bottom of the Filters section
  • All relevant search results will be returned

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