Publicly Sharing Files from Assets

If you have a suitable subscription level for Partners, and are permitted to do so, you can share files from assets with anyone else on the Internet, and audiences large or small. There are several methods for doing so, although not all methods are available for all file types.

  1. Embed
    Allows you to add a supported file type within a web page.
  2. Viewer Link
    Links to a page that displays the file, which is particularly useful for sharing through social media.
  3. Download Link
    A direct link to download the file.

To share a file, browse to the asset that contains it, switch to the ‘Downloadable Files’ tab and click the ‘Share’ button adjacent to the name of the file that you want to share. If the button is not present, the file cannot be shared.

If this is the first time that the file has been shared, you will need to confirm that you have permission to share it. Any files that are shared will be made completely public with no security (authorization/authentication mechanisms) to protect them. While shares can be revoked by a system administrator, files cannot be recalled once in the public domain.

If you have selected to create a Viewer Link, you can select additional information to display on the viewer page, taken from the asset information. It is recommended that the Description attribute be included if it is suitable.

After providing any additional information, the file will be processed to make it suitable for sharing. This processing only happens the first time that the file is shared, and can take a significant amount of time to complete, especially for videos. If you do not want to wait for the processing to complete, you can click ‘Process in the Background’ to add it to the list in ‘My Background Jobs’ – you will be notified when the share is ready.