Video & Audio Conversion

Convert and download a video or audio file to match your requirements. There are various output options – size, up-scale, padding and padding colour.

Begin by choosing the video that you’d like to transcode:

  • Then select the Downloadable Files tab
  • Click on Custom Conversion…

A window will appear with a series of options:

  • Size – choose one of the following:
    • To keep the original
    • From one of the common standard sizes in the drop down. Please specify whether you wish to up-scale and add padding options, plus the padding colour. Click on the coloured block to change the colour.
      Please note: older browsers may require you to manually insert the hexadecimal number rather than select a colour. This is a six digit string that represents a colour. For example white is #FFFFFF and black is #000000.
    • Custom – if choosing this option you will need the specify the up-scale and padding options, plus your custom dimension.
  • Output type for Video:
    • Next, select the format of the file you want to create.
    • Some formats allow you to specify the audio and/or video quality. Please note that higher qualities will result in larger file sizes.
  • Output type for Audio:
    • Next, select the format of the file you want to create.
    • MP3 and Ogg Vorbis allow a quality level to be specified; a higher quality will result in a larger file size.
    • You can specify the maximum duration to convert from the original file. This is always measured from the start of the source file. If this field is left empty then the entire original file will be converted.
  • Once you’ve made your choices click Continue.
  • You may now be prompted to insert Buyout and Usage Details. Please select the intended use for your download and any additional information.
    • Click Continue
  • My Background jobs will pop open with the details of your download. Click on the Download button and your browser will prompt you to open or save the file.