Downloading Assets

There are two different ways to download your assets.

You will only be able to download the asset if you have permissions to do so.

Download A Single Asset

asset-dropdownTo download an individual asset from the asset library page:

  • Hover your mouse over the asset
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Select Download from the dropdown menu

To download an individual asset from the asset’s Details page:

  • Open the Details Page of the asset
  • Next:
    • Click Download Original File if you require the full original asset
    • Click Select Files to Download if you require a different version of the asset. Here you can also access the Custom Conversion tool.
  • Select the file size(s)/format(s) you need
  • Click Download

Please note, the file size/format options may differ depending on your access permissions.

Download Multiple Assets

If there are a number of assets you wish to download you can add them to your basket by clicking on the plus icon of each asset.

See the Basket section for more details.


You can add assets from across different libraries to your basket and when you are ready to download:

  • Click the Download button within the basket
  • Select how you would like to download the assets:
    • Download all original files
    • Download converted files – download all selected files in the same preset format
    • Select individual files – you will be given a series of download options dependent on asset availability and your system settings.
  • Click Continue

File Selection

The files will then be compressed into a zip file and downloaded in the usual way. This may differ and will be dependent on the browser you are using.

Download a custom version of an Asset

See the Custom Conversation section for details of downloading custom versions of files from assets