Results & Library Features

The asset library and Site Wide Search page contain a number of key features to help you view and arrange your search results and the assets contained within a library.


1. Breadcrumb trail

This shows which asset library you are in

2. Asset library title

3. Edit Page

Some Administrators will be able to change the asset library’s page settings from here. See the Edit Pages section for more details

4. Keywords

Add keywords into this field to filter the assets on this page to locate what you are looking for

5. Help and tips

Hover over the help icon and access key tips to assist you in your current location.

6. Filters

Select options from the Filters tool to refine your search results further. Click the magnifying glass to apply the filter options selected

7. Order By

Sort the assets by changing the order in which they are displayed

Order By options are:

  • Relevance
    • Display in order of relevance to the search terms used
  • Name
    • Display in alphabetical order based on asset name
  • Reference Number
    • Display in reference number order
  • Type
    • Display all assets of the same type together
  • Uploaded
    • Display in order of date the assets were uploaded
  • Last Updated
    • Display in order of the dates in which the assets were last updated
  • Downloads
    • Display in order of the number of times an asset has been downloaded
  • Ascending
    • In conjunction with the options above, display the assets in ascending order
  • Descending
    • In conjunction with the options above, display the assets in descending order

8. Items Per Page

Change the number of assets displayed per page

Options available:

    • 24
    • 48
    • 96

If more assets are available than the number selected then the subsequent assets will appear on additional pages.

The number of pages available appears at the bottom of the asset library / search results page


9. Add New

Some Administrators will have permission to upload content. The Add New button starts the upload process

See the Upload/Edit An Asset section for details on how to upload new content

10. Number of search results

This shows the number of assets in this asset library or returned on a Search Results page

When the assets displayed are filtered by keyword or the filters tool is used, then the number of assets displayed will change

11. Thumbnail view

Click to display assets as thumbnails

12. List view

Click to display assets in a list

13. Search Results and Assets

The assets available in this asset library / search results page are displayed either as thumbnails or in a list

Hovering over an asset presents a Settings icon (cog) in the top left corner allowing you to View, Edit, Download or Delete the asset (if you have permissions to do so)

It is also possible to:

The normal default view of an asset library is to display all assets as thumbnails. However, this can be easily changed by the system administrator to default to display assets in a list view.