Asset Commenting

The Public Comments feature allows users, with the relevant access rights, to leave comments and feedback on individual assets. This can be useful to other users, in particular if advice is provided, e.g. on how best to use the asset, scenarios where the asset has worked best / not worked.

How Many Public Comments Are Available For Review?


The number of public comments on an asset is highlighted when the asset appears in a gallery view:



Reviewing Public Comments

To read the comments left by other users:

  • Click on the View Comments icon. This takes you to the Public Comments section for this asset.
  • If no comments have been left you will be invited to be the first to post a comment on the asset.
  • To leave this window, click the Close button in the bottom right corner.


Post A Public Comment

To comment on an asset:

  • Click the View Comments icon. You will be taken to the Comments section.
  • Click in the comments field at the bottom of the comments module and type your comment.
  • Click the Send button to add your comment.

Your comment will be visible on the Asset Details page to all users who have permissions to view comments.

Users watching the asset will be notified on their personal News Feed that you have left a comment on this asset.

Additional Features

  • Unsubscribe – By adding a comment you are subscribing to that asset. You will be notified if another user comments on the same asset. To stop notifications simply select ‘Unsubscribe’. This button is found above all published comments.
  • Mark unread – flags the comment so you remember to come back and read it later.
  • Start a Private Conversation – Simply select ‘New’ to start a conversation with another system user. ‘More’ allows you to view all of your conversations. See the Conversations sections for more details.