Activity Summary Panel

This panel contains a range of features that show the asset’s upload and download activity.

Asset Summary

1. Reference

This number is unique to the asset and is created on uploaded. The reference number is searchable in the Site Wide Search.

2. Asset Type

Details what type of asset has been uploaded.

3. Download Count

The number next to this icon shows the number of times the asset has been downloaded

4. Lightbox Count

The number next to this icon shows how many times the asset has been added to a lightbox

5. Owner

This is the name of the asset’s owner’s, i.e. the name of the person who uploaded the asset

Hovering over the name provides summary information about the person

Clicking the name takes you to your person activity page that summarises all the activity that has taken place between you and this user. You can start a conversation with the user directly from this page

6. Date Created

This is the date the asset was originally created. The files and metadata within the asset may have been updated since this date but the Date Created date shows when the asset was first uploaded into Partners

7. Last Updated

This is the date the asset was last updated in Partners. All updates are logged and can be viewed in the assets Version History.