Asset Activity Panel

Asset Activity Panel

The Asset Activity Panel is the section that allows you to perform certain tasks with the asset.

The key features in this panel are: 

1. Add To Lightbox

Click this option to add this asset to either a new or existing lightbox.

See the Lightbox section for more details on how to use Lightboxes.

2. Add To Basket 

Clicking the Add To Basket icon adds this asset into your Basket.

See the Basket section for information on this feature.


Using similar functionality that you would find in Facebook, the Like feature demonstrates how popular an asset is.

The Like feature in the panel shows how many Likes an asset has.

Clicking the Like icon adds your Like to the count. Users who are watching this asset or asset type will receive notification in their News Feed that you Liked the asset.

To remove your Like, simply click the Like icon again.

For more information on the Like feature please see the Likes section.

4. Watching 

Clicking the ‘Watching’ icon means that you will be notified in your News Feed on all activity relating to a particular asset or asset type.

See the Watched Assets section for information on how to use this feature.

5. Copy / Email Link 

This features allows you to send a link to this asset to others giving them direct access.

For more information on how to use this feature, please see the Copy/Email Link section.