Asset Detail

View an Asset


Once you have found the asset(s) you are looking for, you can view each one in turn by clicking on the thumbnail image of the asset or clicking the View option from the Settings drop-down menu in the top left corner of the asset (cog icon).

This takes you into the asset’s detail page, which provides all the information available for the asset you have selected.

Asset Details

The following shows the key features on an Asset Details page. Some of the features may differ depending on the asset type being viewed (image, video, document etc.)

Asset details

1. Asset Detail

Some assets, such as images, show the full asset here. Click on the image to watch video’s and scroll through document pages.

Other features include:

  • Downloadable files – where the asset can be downloaded in different sizes or formats, or related assets are available to download. See the Downloading Assets section for more details.
  • Information – further details about the asset itself including keywords and usage.
  • Comments & Conversations – add your own comments, review comments left by other users or start a conversation. See the Comments and Conversations sections for more details.

2. Downloadable files

Assets can be downloaded in different sizes or formats, or converted to other file types for download. 

Click in the tick box next to the version of the asset you would like and click the Download Selected button – see the Downloading Assets section for more details.

Select Custom Conversion if you would like to download the asset in a different size or file type.

3. Asset Activity Panel

This panel contains some key features for managing assets.

  • Add to Lightbox allows you to add this asset to a new or existing Lightbox for sharing with other users. See the Add To Lightbox section for more details.
  • Add to Basket allows you to add this asset to your own personal basket. See the Basket section for more details.
  • Like shows how many times an asset has been liked. Clicking the icon allows you to like it too. See the Likes area in the Asset Activity Panel section  or the Likes section for more details.
  • Asset Watching shows whether you are watching/following this asset. See the Watching area in the Asset Activity Panel section or the Watched assets section for more details.
  • Copy / email link allows you to send a link directly to this asset to other users. See the Copy/Email Asset Link section for more details.

4. Activity Summary Panel & Metadata

Important details about the asset are shared here. See the Activity Summary Panel section for more information.

5. Back to Search Results

Takes you back to the previous library / gallery of assets page

6. Edit & Admin

Click Edit to amend the asset details, or click on the arrow for convert/delete options (features only available to some system administrators). See the Editing An Asset section for more details.

The admin feature is only available to the highest level of system administrators and provides more technical details about the asset. For example, it provides information on the asset’s version history, user activity logs etc.

7. Version History

Changes and updates to all assets are logged and can be viewed here (features only available to some system administrators).