Viewing & searching for assets

There are two ways to view and search for assets, using the Site Wide Search or viewing one of the Asset Libraries from the main menu.

Asset Libraries

An asset library is a library or folder where all assets relating to a certain topic or type are stored together. For example, all images can be stored in one library and videos in another. Similarly all assets relating to campaigns can exist in one library, press packs in another etc.

An asset library can contain either one type of asset or multiple types.  An Image library would contain images only but a press pack library may contain press releases, images, brochures etc. i.e. any type of collateral relating to press packs.

All asset libraries appear in the Partners Menu at the top of the screen.

Access an Asset Library


  • Click the Partners Menu to display all asset libraries available
  • Click the name of the required asset library

This will take you into the asset library where you can start to filter the assets further, if necessary, by using the Keywords field and/or Filters tool.

Site Wide Search


The Site Wide Search tool enables you to search the whole site for assets relating to your keywords.

Site Wide Search is available to use wherever you are in the site. It will always appear at the top of the screen.

How To Use Site Wide Search

  • Click into the Site Wide Search field
  • Type in a keyword(s) relating to the assets you are searching for
  • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass on the Site Wide Search tool
  • This will return a page of matching search results – see the Search Results section on how to configure and manage search results

See the Advanced Keyword section for details on how to perform more details keyword searches.