Logging In

If you don’t have a Partners account then please refer to the How To Register For Access section.

If you have a Partners account then logging in is easy. Depending on how your Partners system is configured, there are two ways you can login:

  • Regular login process
  • Single Sign-On

Regular Login


Type your URL into the address bar of your browser. This takes you directly to the Login page.

Input your access details and click the Sign In button:

  • Username (the email address you registered with)
  • Password

Remember Me For 7 Days

Ticking this check box enables Partners to remember your login details for the next 7 days, making login even quicker and easier.

Setting Passwords

Passwords should always use a combination of upper and lower case characters and numbers. No special characters, such as &, %, £ etc. can be used in Partners passwords.

Single Sign-On


Single sign-on allows you to access Partners using the username and password that you use to access your companies internal network and IT systems without having to create a separate account for accessing Partners.

If your Partners implementation has single sign-on enabled, you will be presented with single sign-on buttons based on the organisations associated with the site. For example, if you are a Freestyle Partners employee you would click on the “Freestyle employees” button. When you click the button, depending on the browser that you are using to access the site, you will be automatically logged in to Partners. If you are prompted to enter a username and password then simply enter the username and password that you use to access your work computer or company network.