Forgotten Password

If you forget your password to access Partners, it is quick and easy to re-set.

Regular Login Process


If your site uses the regular login process, then when on the Login page click the I have forgotten my Password option.

You will be taken to the Recover Password area. From here:

  • Input your email address (the one you used to register with, to Partners)
  • Click Reset

You will be sent an email to reset your password:

  • Click the link in the email
  • On the Reset Password page type a new password into the New Password field
  • Re-type the new password in the Confirm Password field
  • Click the Change Password button

You will then get instant access to Partners.


Passwords should always use a combination of upper and lower case characters and numbers. No special characters, such as &, %, £ etc. can be used in Partners passwords.

Single Sign-On


If your Partners site uses single sign-on access but you do not belong to one of the organisations with a login option, click the All Other Users option, or click Log In or Register in the top right hand corner, and follow the process above.